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Study Guides to Help You Understand History

This SGWB is Eurocentric because that is where our civilization begins.  World Civilization begins @ 1500 because that is when Europeans initiate contact with non-European cultures and civilizations. I do wish I could incorporate maps, but you may find any number of maps via Google.  Without an understanding of geography — distance, time & context — this SGWB is of no use to you. Its sole purpose is to show connections = how we got where we are. Use your text, turn to books like Stern or Dummy. Some movies are recommended, but that does not mean they are accurate. After all they are movies. Above all, think Context, Context, Context — that is, how does this puzzle fit together. Take the time to read my introductory articles which were written for Polis, especially the one dealing with Creolization.

 Why should YOU study history? There are many reasons that could be given – to make you a better citizen, to teach you how to communicate your thoughts, or to make you aware of other cultures so that you will be more tolerant. But YOU have to make that decision as to why you should be studying history. If you have no other reason than that of filling time for a degree requirement, then this course will not be as meaningful to you as it could be.  But that is a decision that you will have to make.


Chapter 1        History   [DOWNLOAD CHAPTER ONE  ~ FREE]

Chapter 2        Early Fluvial Civilization   [COMING SOON]

Chapter 3        Greek and Greek-like Civilizations   [COMING SOON]

Chapter 4        Roman Civilization   [COMING SOON]

Chapter 5        Christianity   [COMING SOON]

Chapter 6        Eastern Roman Empire & Islam   [COMING SOON]